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4 pieces of popular Xiaomi Dr. There are brushes and a travel case for a ridiculous 7,90 € at the SK seller!

Xiaomi's product range is really wide. It already has more than 2000 products under its wings, among which we can find electric as well as classic toothbrushes. Xiaomi Dr.'s favorite set of four toothbrushes Bei is discounted for more than a year. '

Xiaomi Dr. The Bei sonic toothbrush reaches 31 vibrations per minute and costs only € 000 in CZ stock

Xiaomi toothbrushes are no longer a surprise. In addition to electric toothbrushes with smart functions and a connection to a smartphone, they also offer more affordable alternatives without intelligent conveniences. One such is the Xiaomi Dr. electric toothbrush. At. One of the cheapest…