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Renewed coupon: Dreame V9P has a suction power of up to 20 pa, rich packaging and in EU stock for a record 000 €

Dreame is a very popular brand among Xiaomi fans, it has been producing quality and interesting vacuum cleaners for years. The Dreame V9P model offers a suction power of up to 20 pa and a number of attachments already in the basic package. Record price in EU stock…

Dreame D9 in EU stock for a great 239 € in EU stock: Suction power up to 3000 pa, also stores a 3-storey map

Xiaomi's partner brand, Dreame, brings a new model called the Dreame D9. It offers a suction power of up to 3000 pa and its price has stopped at € 250. In addition, fast delivery from a nearby EU warehouse is available and…

The Dreame XR Premium rod vacuum cleaner has an output of up to 22 pa and a number of attachments. In stock in the EU for a limited € 000

Xiaomi's product portfolio is really diverse. You can find the name of this manufacturer on smartphones, laptops, tools, scooters, but also on stick vacuum cleaners. Xiaomi Dreame XR Premium is definitely one of the best. As the name of the vacuum cleaner suggests, this device…

Trouver Finder from the new brand of affordable vacuum cleaners from the Xiaomi ecosystem will surprise with the price in the EU stock

Introducing the very affordable Trouver Finder robotic vacuum cleaner. This is a new brand that belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem. The vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 2000 Pa, an advanced LDS system and there is also a mop. It is available in German stock. The Trouver brand is…

Xiaomi Dreame V9 is one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners with an output of 20 pa. New coupon in CZ warehouse

The proven manufacturer of home vacuum cleaners Dreame has been operating in the Xiaomi ecosystem for a long time. A large number of quality products, processed at a premium level, emerged from his workshop. In this article we will look at a great handheld cordless vacuum cleaner Dreame V9 with a very affordable price. Great…

Xiaomi Dreame V10 rod vacuum cleaner has a decent output of 22 Pa and a new coupon in CZ stock

We see several rod vacuum cleaners in the Xiaomi ecosystem and it can be complicated to choose the best one. Xiaomi with the Dreame brand brings the flagship model of the Dreame V10 vacuum cleaner, which ranks among the best in the ecosystem. Lowest Price for Europe Conventional Home Vacuum Cleaners




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