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New coupon: FIIDO D2S is one of the cheapest electric bikes in Europe. It has 16" wheels and a range of 50 km

* Editor's note: Although Xiaomi Planet is a portal primarily focused on news about Xiaomi, it is also essential to have a more general view and watch what the competition is doing. In the article category "Other manufacturers" you will find articles about competing devices. FIIDO has launched a model of electric…

€50 cheaper in the EU warehouse thanks to a new coupon: Himo C26 MAX electric mountain bike with a range of 100 km

If you want a new electric bicycle, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is also starting to build its portfolio in this segment. Through its crowdfunding platform YouPin brings a mountain electric bike. It is a cooperation with the already well-known brand HIMO, which specializes in e-vehicles.

HIMO Z14 offers a range of up to 80 km at an affordable price: One of the cheapest e-bikes in the Xiaomi ecosystem

Electric bicycles are often expensive and therefore inaccessible to most people. But we present you a very affordable HIMO Z14 bike, which can boast a range of up to 80 km and a maximum speed of 25 km / h. Take advantage of Black Friday discounts in…

Xiaomi and Qicycle are the next generation of their best electric bike. It has a great price

Xiaomi's product portfolio is truly broad, including partner brands. A new electric bicycle called Qicycle Electric Power is now coming to the market. It will offer relatively compact dimensions and really interesting technical parameters. It is basically the successor to the first electric…




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