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Xiaomi is again on the Forbes list this year as one of the most important companies in the world

Each of us knows Forbes, which publishes the most important and very successful corporations every year, in addition to the most influential and wealthy people. Like last year, this year Xiaomi has reached the list of perhaps the most famous Global 2000 list. This time…

Xiaomi is allegedly updating his browser. The user has the option to turn off data collection

He seems to have read that Forbes accused Xiaomi of collecting user information. Following these allegations, Xiaomi brought an update to her browser, which is behind the whole "case". Xiaomi reacts very quickly It hasn't been long since Forbes accused Xiaomi…

Xiaomi has been accused of collecting information about its users. The manufacturer replied

It's only been a few days since Chinese Xiaomi was accused by Forbes of gathering information on smartphone users. The news spread very quickly around the world. The manufacturer itself has already responded to this accusation. Through the press release responds…




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