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Formovie X5 Master laser projector at a price drop of €400: 4K, 4 ANSI and cinema-level image quality!

Spoločnosť Fengmi has the top laser projector Formovie X5 Master Series on the market. It has flagship specs, including high brightness and an image size of up to 1 inches, and it's currently available for a great price with a coupon. With a great coupon...

Official Store Coupon: Luxury 4K Laser Projector Formovie Theater has 2800 ANSI and up to 150″ image

Xiaomi and Formovie are bringing a premium laser projector to the market. The Formovie THEATER model has the best technologies that rank it among the top on the market. It boasts a resolution of up to 4K, or a great brightness that reaches up to 2800 ANSI lumens. It goes without saying…




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