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The collaboration between Xiaomi and leading professional camera manufacturer Hasselblad is getting closer

Photos taken with a mobile phone are becoming increasingly popular. This popularity stems from two basic factors, which are the compactness and availability of the smartphone, along with the ever-increasing quality of the photos themselves. The latest rumors from active leakers reveal to us that Xiaomi would…

The Xiaomi Mi 9 beats the twice as expensive Huawei P30 Pro in a video test in several respects

It really paid off for Xiaomi to create a separate division for mobile camera development. In less than a year, the long-criticized Xiaomi cameras have sprung up top-notch sensors, which are placed in the highest rankings. You can find extra content about Xiaomi on our social networks Facebook…

Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with a number of cameras. It has merged with Light

By the time smartphones came with dual cameras, everyone was surprised. It is now common practice for smartphones to have three or even four sensors. Just a few days ago, the legendary Nokia brand introduced the Nokia 9 PureView with up to 5 cameras. Official cooperation…

Cameras in Xiaomi smartphones will be even better in 2019. Lei Jun revealed the plans

It's been a year since Xiaomi set up an independent division to develop cameras for its own smartphones. Its purpose is to improve the quality of cameras and they do it perfectly. Since then, very positive reviews have spread about the cameras in Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi finally worked on cameras. The result is excellent!

Not so long ago, Xiaomi's annual smartphone, the Mi 8 model, was introduced. It didn't take long for the well-known DxO Mark to catch up. The result? More than exciting! The mentioned company, which was in charge of its independent testing of cameras, ho…

Xiaomi is creating a new division. It will focus on the quality of cameras in smartphones

Xiaomi is constantly advancing, as evidenced by the sale of smartphones, but many users complain about the lower quality of the cameras. That's why the company's CEO, Lei Jun, decided to work on this piece of hardware. Recently sent an internal mail, which, as usual,…




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