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Thanks to this feature in MIUI, you can also play music and videos from YouTube on the lock screen

The MIUI user extension is used by millions of Xiaomi smartphone owners. This is probably one of the most sophisticated and massive you can ever find among Android devices. We will now show you one of the many useful features of this superstructure that…

Xiaomi gives fans space to design new features for MIUI 12. How did the developers react to them?

Xiaomi is largely known for its products, especially smartphones, which have a great price-performance ratio. An integral part of the Chinese giant's smartphones is the MIUI superstructure. The MIUI user superstructure is currently undergoing major changes in the form of various new options and improved…

"Super Plus Stabilization" video comes to MIUI. It will move the quality a few levels higher

The Xiaomi brand is currently the third largest smartphone manufacturer on the market, after Apple in the US and Samsung in South Korea. Xiaomi did not build this position from day to day, but gradually achieved it thanks to demonstration support and new features that…

MIUI will soon receive a new perfect security feature

The MIUI superstructure is one of the most popular in the world. The modified Android system was introduced by Xiaomi in 2010. Since then, it has come a really long way and is the only superstructure that receives updates every week. It also gets new features very often.




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