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Instructions on how to blur parts of a photo right in the gallery of your Xiaomi smartphone

The gallery in Xiaomi smartphones has long been used only for basic viewing of photos. It has more options than you might imagine. In addition to zooming in or out of photos and advanced sorting options, there is also a handy editor. Easy and fast adjustment…

The MIUI 12 Gallery will get many useful improvements. We have first photos from new environment

The development of the popular MIUI user superstructure continues to advance. The new attention of fans will be focused on the successor of the successful version of MIUI 11, which will bring a large number of improvements, either in terms of design, or in terms of functionality and new conveniences. In today's article…

The MIUI 11 Gallery receives amazing new dynamic filters with rain and snow effect. This is how it looks

The MIUI extension is an integral part of all Xioami phones, with the exception of the Mi A series. It is popular mainly for the number of new features and improvements that are constantly being added. Xiaomi has recently focused on photos and videos. In addition to a sophisticated video editor and editing…




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