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Funsnap Capture 2 is the cheapest 3-axis gimbal from the Xiaomi ecosystem. In the EU warehouse for a record €53,90!

If you're really serious about shooting video with a smartphone, gimbal should be standard. Gone are the days when these devices cost hundreds of euros. You can now buy quality gimbal for a price well below 100 euros. For example,…

Xiaomi Mijia gimbal with 3-axis stabilization and 5000 mAh battery in CZ stock with new coupon

Gimbals or stabilizers are perfect gadgets for beautifully smooth video shots. Such accessories have also been produced for smartphones for a long time. Thanks to the gimbals, we can also get really beautiful shots from the video camera in the smartphone. Excellent price in CZ stock…

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mijia Gimbal takes video quality from your smartphone to a whole new level

Xiaomi, as we know it, has various brands under it that focus on specific areas. One of them is Xiaomi Smart Life, the original Mijia, which focuses, among other things, on photo accessories. We got Xiaomi Mijia...




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