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A great gaming 30-inch Redmi monitor with a bend and a 200 Hz refresh rate gets a new coupon

A subsidiary of China's Xiaomi, Redmi has officially introduced its Redmi Curved Monitor 30 her game monitor. It is a game model that comes equipped with IPS LCD technology and a refresh rate of up to 200 Hz. Latest Coupon in International Sales Known Seller…

Xiaomi prepares gaming monitors with crazy refresh rates up to 240 and 360 Hz

For lovers of purchases from Chinese e-shops, it is definitely not necessary to introduce the date 11.11. This is the day when singles are celebrated, and it is on this day that Chinese retailers launch the biggest discounts of the year. Xiaomi plans to introduce new gaming monitors on 11.11. 240 or even 360…

Xiaomi and the HKC brand introduce new gaming monitors: 29 and 34 ″ curved models with amazing prices

These days, Xiaomi presents several pieces from the category of gaming accessories, including the durable and elegant Xiaomi Locktek gaming table. After the new we can look forward to the new Xiaomi HKC gaming monitors. According to the specifications, these are really excellent…




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