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This is the best market price today: Himo C20 bike with a range of up to 80 km and a pump hidden in the seat in the EU warehouse

A brand new Xiaomi Himo C20 electric bicycle has recently been added to several Xiaomi electric scooters. It surprises with its equipment, range of up to 80 km and reasonable price. Now it is also on sale for us Slovaks and Czechs. Stock price in German stock…

The new Xiaomi folding electric bicycle has a range of up to 80 km, an amazing hidden function and a super price

Xiaomi's Chinese e-commerce platform is full of a variety of products that are growing like mushrooms after the rain. One of the latest additions is the HIMO C20 electric bike. It is the second generation of an electric bicycle from the startup HIMO, which is supported by Xiaomi. Electric bicycle…




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