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From the history of Xiaomi: Xiaomi Mi 4 is a true legend that has entered the hearts of many fans

On July 22, 2014, a major "Xiaomi New Product Launch 2014" event was held in China, listing the two expected products. One of them was the new Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone - like the new Xiaomi flagship. The other was…

From Xiaomi's history: The Xiaomi Mi 3 was so good in 2013 that it broke all sales records

Xiaomi Mi 3 is here! Don't be scared! You didn't move into another time dimension, you just came across our next article with a glimpse into Xiaomi's recent history. In this section, we gradually present the models of Xiaomi flagships. Po Xiaomi Mi 1…

From the history of Xiaomi: The 2 Xiaomi Mi 2 and Mi 2012S have made a mark in the history of the brand as the most important models

The very successful series of Xiaomi Mi flagships was launched by the equally successful first model Xiaomi Mi 1. Exactly one year later, the new Xiaomi Mi 16 model was introduced on 2012 August / August 2. Later came its other two versions Xiaomi Mi 2S pri

From the history of Xiaomi: The Xiaomi Mi 1 in 2011 showed what an available flagship should look like

Xiaomi does not have a long history, but in less than 10 years it has gone through several significant events, which we described in the story of the brand. As a smartphone manufacturer, it brings a series of flagships called the Xiaomi Mi. Xiaomi will celebrate its tenth birthday this year and…




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