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Xiaomi Mijia For smart watches, they have an E-ink display, measure temperature and humidity. They received a new coupon with a low price

Xiaomi Mijia smart digital clocks are another of the very cheap, yet feature-packed gadgets from Xiaomi. And we know where to buy them best. The latest Xiaomi coupon price Mijia Smart Temperature Humidity Pro fulfills multiple functions and is not an ordinary…

The Clock app in MIUI gets a new beautiful design environment. Download the new version now

The native applications of the MIUI superstructure have recently undergone quite significant design changes with the arrival of new generations of the superstructure. The developers of the system try to keep up with the times, to modernize the environment of their applications, so that the user experience is at the highest possible level. Application…

Xiaomi introduces a new smart clock with temperature and humidity sensor. It costs only 18 €

Xiaomi in cooperation with the Miaomiaoce brand brings a new, very interesting gadget to the market for every household. It is an intelligent alarm clock that, in addition to control via the application, also offers very accurate measurement of temperature and humidity, or a built-in timer. New multifunction alarm clock from…




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