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With the iPhone 14, Apple copied Xiaomi with these lesser-known features

Two weeks ago, Apple introduced its latest iPhone 14 series. Apple has already adopted some of the features of Android several times, but this time it was directly from Xiaomi. Such mutual "borrowing" of functions is not unknown in the Android vs.…

Founder Xiaomi was caught using a competing iPhone

Let's face it, Apple's smartphones are popular both in the home country and in China and around the world in general. After all, it is a personal matter for everyone what brand of mobile phones one likes and then starts using the products…

Xiaomi Mi 10 appeared in the first video and photo duel against the iPhone 11 Pro. This is how it turned out

The new flagship from Xiaomi is the highly anticipated smartphone this year. However, photographic equipment is also a very important element. It's really rich, after all the popular version of the smartphone is currently led by the popular DxO Mark. ? NEW: We have created a place where by

iPhone 11 in the famous test camera DxOmark failed to defeat Xiaomi Mi 9

The French research website DxOMark brings together experts who, based on extensive photographic evidence, analyze and then create rankings of a large number of smartphones. This popular platform recently focused on a major test of Apple's iPhone 11 smartphone cameras. The result will surprise many users.…




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