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One of the best for €150: the Jimmy JV83 cordless stick vacuum has a power of 20 pa and a duration of 000 minutes

Introducing the Jimmy JV83 Wireless Bar Vacuum Cleaner, which offers an ergonomic design for better grip, 135 AW suction power and up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Fast delivery from the European warehouse The vacuum cleaner Jimmy JV83 is available at…

The Jimmy JW31 high-pressure cleaner works wirelessly on battery power. Again in EU stock, we have a new coupon

Every household has a gadget like a high-pressure cleaner, or as some call it a "wapka". You never know when it will need to be used, and Xiaomi thought of us with this Jimmy JW31 high-pressure cleaner. In addition, it is wireless and you need…

Xiaomi Jimmy JV71 rod vacuum cleaner has a huge suction power of up to 18 Pa and an excellent price in CZ stock

Jimmy is a partner brand of Xiaomi, which is mainly involved in household products. They already have several vacuum cleaners in their portfolio and Jimmy JV71 is a wireless rod vacuum cleaner, which will definitely impress you with its suction power but also its design. Fast delivery from CZ warehouse Seller…




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