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Last time it cost € 160, now it falls to a record € 102! Punos PS-26 Pro 250 W soundbar with karaoke in Czech stock

Punos PS-26 Pro is a quality karaoke speaker that must not be missed at any party. It combines a 5.1 channel soundbar with a power of 250 W, which can also be connected via Bluetooth technology. It is available in the Czech warehouse for a great price. Punos…

Last cost € 190, now a record € 131! The Punos PS-28 Pro is a really powerful 350 W karaoke sound system from Xiaomi Youpin

The Punos PS-28 Pro is the best you can buy from this manufacturer. It is a quality 350 W karaoke sound system that offers everything you would expect from such a device. It has 8 speakers, no Bluetooth connection and now…




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