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Xiaomi with the MIIIW brand is a mechanical keyboard with a beautiful retro design and RGB backlight

There are never enough proper keyboards on the market. Especially the mechanical ones that have something to offer. One of them is a novelty, which was created in cooperation with Xiaomi with the MIIIW brand. It has a beautiful retro design and players will definitely appreciate the RGB backlight. Next one…

Xiaomi MIIIW wireless keyboard looks beautiful, has premium workmanship and a record price in CZ stock

There comes another wireless keyboard from the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem, which, with its luxurious design, clearly does not deviate from the range of previous models. The new keyboard from MIIIW is a combination of subtle elegance with elements of modern design. Arrived at CZ warehouse Beautiful keyboard Xiaomi MIIIW MWXKT01…




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