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Gigantic Yeelight Crystal Ceiling Light Pro smart ceiling light has a brightness of up to 6000 lm and an excellent coupon price

Xiaomi sometimes surprises with non-traditional products. Now, for example, through its partner brand Yeelight, it presents the large, intelligent and luxurious Yeelight Crystal Ceiling Light Pro ceiling lamp with dimensions of up to 96 x 64 centimeters (illuminates 25 - 35 m2) and a power of 90 W,…

Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with a number of cameras. It has merged with Light

By the time smartphones came with dual cameras, everyone was surprised. It is now common practice for smartphones to have three or even four sensors. Just a few days ago, the legendary Nokia brand introduced the Nokia 9 PureView with up to 5 cameras. Official cooperation…




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