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Director Redmi shared a screenshot with the battery life of the expected Redmi K40

Xiaomi's vice president and CEO of Redmi, Lu Weibing, recently revealed some information about the upcoming Redmi K40 model line. It is the head of the Xiaomi subsidiary that has been providing us with the most information about this as yet unknown news during the last period. Lu Weibing…

The Redmi K40 is getting closer. The new series will receive at least two models with Snapdragon 888

There are already several articles about the expected Redmi K40 model line on our website. In them, we informed about the possible equipment of the smartphone and the probable date of the performance, but currently CEO Redmi has revealed an interesting news to us. As usual before each introduction uved

All new Xiaomi smartphones will have at least 4500 mAh battery. Director Redmi confirmed it

You have probably noticed that most new smartphones from the Chinese Xiaomi workshop come with a battery greater than or equal to 4000 mAh. Redmi's CEO Lu Weibing has now also tried to define an imaginary standard with regard to battery capacity. 🔥…

How much more energy does 5G vs. 4G? Director Redmi has an answer

A few days ago, Redmi introduced the flagship killer - the Redmi K30 Pro. It is a quality phone with an excellent price / performance ratio. The phone supports the latest 5G technology. Redmi explains the power consumption requirements of 5G phones, and this is generally the case. Consumption…

Why has the Redmi brand become independent and produces even more affordable products than the Xiaomi parent?

Many of us reflect on Xiaomi's actions in early 2019. Redmi, the hitherto well-known line of affordable smartphones, deserved to create its own brand. It would seem that after a very successful move by Huawei, which came up with a separate…




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