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Xiaomi celebrates ten years and this is 11 attractions that will surprise the true fan

On April 6.4.2020, 10, Xiaomi celebrated its XNUMXth birthday. The celebrations also include the Mi Fan Festival, through which the company celebrates its anniversary together with its fans. 💣 YOU MUST KNOW: We have created a place where no Xiaomi fan should be missing. Join. On the…

Xiaomi Smart Inn will be the first smart house crowded with smart Xiaomi products. It can be real accommodation

On the occasion of the tenth year of the Mi Fan Festival, Xiaomi built a model of the "Xiaomi Smart Inn". It can be realistically accommodated in it and the user can try different products of a popular brand. Accommodation full of Xiaomi gadgets Tomorrow…

Xiaomi is preparing up to 22 new products to be presented during the Mi Fan Festival

Mi Fan Festival is a huge "holiday" during which Xiaomi celebrates its birthday and also gives huge discounts on many products from their portfolio. These celebrations take place every year in April, and this year Xiaomi is celebrating her round 10.…




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