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This hasn't been here yet: Black Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar with 8 speakers in CZ stock with a new coupon for a record € 47!

After the first reports that the Chinese manufacturer introduced the black Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar, there was a lot of interest from fans. We've received a lot of messages when this great speaker design for the living room will be available, and now it has happened. Record coupon…

Favorite Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar in CZ stock for a record 52 €! It contains up to 8 speakers

Xiaomi's commitment to television is long-standing. In addition to smart TV, it also produces accessories that can be used universally for every TV in the home. One such piece is the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar speaker. The best prices in the Czech stock…

Xiaomi introduced 4 new smart TVs in India. They also showed Mi TV Soundbar in gray

Today, the people of India can rejoice. Not that there was a sudden boom, but Xiaomi introduced up to four new TVs today and a great soundbar. These devices will probably not be available with us, which is definitely…




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