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These Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones can participate in testing the global version of MIUI 12.5

You probably already know that Xiaomi is preparing for the official release of the global version of its new user extension MIUI 12.5. The novelty has a performance scheduled for February 8. Want more MIUI tips? Join our group Before that, of course, you need a graphic superstructure properly…

The new feature in MIUI allows you to run applications without touching the screen

Innovations and improvements are already an integral part of mobile technologies. In software updates, we encounter new features or security enhancements. Some smartphone manufacturers spend a lot of money on development and take care of the software on their devices, for example. Developers are constantly improving MIUI We Xiaomi users and their software superstructure…

Screen Time is a new feature in MIUI that calculates the time spent in front of your smartphone screen

Nowadays, few people can imagine life without a smartphone. It has become our daily tool, which has many uses. We no longer use phones only for calls and messages. Often there are also various work activities, social networks, multimedia viewing or…




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