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The new version of MIUI Launcher for Xiaomi smartphones brings a lot of features. Download it now

Xiaomi is also behind the MIUI graphical superstructure, which is also available as an alternative MIUI Launcher. This extension now brings a lot of new features and is available for download now. MIUI Launcher: These are the new features Users,…

Xiaomi adds to MIUI 11 a new option that has been avoided for years

The MIUI software add-on, which Xiaomi and Redmi use in their phones and tablets, is very popular. Developers always try to integrate the latest features into the superstructure as soon as possible. It often happens that MIUI users are already enjoying features from the latest…

Xiaomi is testing a new feature that could be a revolution for the MIUI superstructure

Launcher or Slovak launcher - is a graphical environment in which we move when using the phone. Since its inception, Xiaomi or Redmi phones have used their own MIUI graphical extension, which is built on the Android operating system. MIUI interface inextricably belongs to Xiaomi MIUI launcher…




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