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Aliexpress sales: From the usual €130 to an excellent €72! Powerful 7-stage juicer from the MIUI brand in EU stock

If you read our previous article about the MIUI B11 juicer, you already know that MIUI does not only refer to the superstructure of Xiaomi phones, but also to the brand of household appliances. This time we present you another juicer, MIUI JE-B03B. Express delivery from Polish warehouse MIUI Juicer…

The compact MIUI B11 juicer can also make ice cream. It has a new coupon in the EU warehouse

Until now, he probably only knew MIUI as a user interface in Xiaomi smartphones. MIUI is also a brand of home and kitchen appliances. We present you one of them, a compact MIUI juicer with which you can prepare healthy and tasty fruit juices. Fast delivery…

The MIUI brand brings a brand new juicer for 2022, which can juice even whole fruit without slicing

Each of us knows MIUI as a user interface rather than a product. After the new one, it is already a brand of quality kitchen appliances at a reasonable price. In this article, we will introduce you to the powerful MIUI FFS6 PRO juicer with a number of useful features that you will appreciate…




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