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Mi Konto is a feature that every Xiaomi smartphone owner should know and use

Most Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones have the MIUI software extension in the system. It offers a user-friendly environment and many specific functions that we will not find in phones of other brands. An integral part of MIUI is also the Mi User Account, which offers several interesting features.

Mi Cloud from Xiaomi is a really useful service, thanks to which you can track a lost / stolen smartphone

The fact that the Chinese giant Xiaomi is properly looking for inspiration from the American Apple does not surprise anyone at the moment. Not only is the new MIUI 12 proof of this, but also the functions of the renewed Mi Cloud are very similar to the American ones. Among the useful features of the cloud,…

This is how to prevent accidental touches on smartphones with a curved display: Mi 10, Mi Note 10 or Mi Note 10 Lite

Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of a number of innovative manufacturers. Innovations in recent years include curved displays that Xiaomi has implemented in its Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Lite models. Curved displays really give your smartphone…

MIUI TIP: How to activate a clear list of applications

We have already informed several times that MIUI is preparing a novelty for us in the form of a new graphical display of the menu with applications. The App Drawer function - in Slovak List of applications - has been officially integrated into the MIUI Launcher environment and is available to all users.

MIUI Tips: Digital balance and parental control

With the advent of the Android 10 operating system and the MIUI 11 extension, Xiaomi has added a new Google standard to its smartphones. It is an application of Digital Balance and Parental Control. Its task is to control and limit the time spent with a smartphone or tablet. Application…

You need to know about this tip: How to open a secret menu on your Xiaomi smartphone and view battery life?

Although mobile technologies have made tremendous progress in recent years. Developers seem to have forgotten about battery innovation. Users still have to think about charging and, if they plan to use one smartphone for a long time, the good condition of the battery. MIUI to do…

MIUI Tip: A handy memory cleaner will clean your smartphone of unnecessary "waste"

Today, in the popular MIUI tips section, we will take a look at the cleaning function that will work on your smartphone. Finally, we will show you how to quickly activate the dark mode. MIUI is packed with features For many Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone users, we can say that the software…

MIUI TIP: Learn how to use Notes fully. Hiding incredibly much

Today, as part of the MIUI Tips series, we take a look at a simple but useful Notes application. It is part of the MIUI software extension and is therefore available to all users who have a Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone with this extension. In simplicity is the beauty of Aj…

Instructions: This way you can easily fix broken MMS messages on your Xiaomi smartphone

Sometimes some things don't work out the way they should. Some of our readers turned to us for help setting up multimedia messages in the Orange network of mobile operators, because those from some instructions stopped working.

Xiaomi TIP: How to Effectively Use MIUI Calculator

The MIUI superstructure in version 11 was officially launched in September. Most of the Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones have already been updated, some are still waiting to be updated. The integrated Mi Calculator application accompanies the superstructure in all its versions from the very beginning. In the MIUI version…

5 MIUI add-on features that every Xiaomi smartphone owner should know

Almost every user of the Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone also uses the MIUI software extension in their device. The company integrates the superstructure into all smartphones and tablets, with the exception of Andorid One devices, which use the Android operating system without any software modifications. MIUI is charged…




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