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The best Xiaomi products introduced in 2019

At the turn of the year, the future is usually balanced and planned. We will not plan or take stock too much in this article. However, we would like to remember the best Xiaomi products that were introduced in the coming year 2019. Since it has…

9 craziest and unconventional Xiaomi products introduced in 2019

The Xiaomi brand is mainly known from the environment of mobile communication and smartphones. However, rock fans and readers of our website know that non-traditional products are also appearing more and more often, which tend to literally shock. In 2019, z was listed in this category…

These are the best products that Xiaomi introduced in September 2019

If you are our regular reader, you know for a fact that Xiaomi has not been just a smartphone manufacturer for a long time. His portfolio includes many other types of products. Whether it's various electronics, household helpers or even sports equipment. Many of…




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