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Completed 18.4.2019 at 14:15 We will send the exclusive coupon today at 19:30 to all subscribers to our newsletter. We will send the coupon directly to your e-mail box, so check your e-mails carefully at this time. Original article 16.4.2019 Xiaomi Planet is a very young project that…

[Updated] Xiaomi Planet is starting to give out exclusive coupons! The first real 57% discount on Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10 mAh

Editor's note 19.3. at 10:25 We managed to eliminate all problems. We will FINALLY send the coupon to your e-mail! It will happen today, 19.3. at 19:30 p.m. Please note that there will be only 5 pieces available and you will need to have quick hands to…




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