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The third generation of the Xiaomi Moyu portable washing machine even has UV sterilization of the laundry. In the CZ warehouse with the lowest price

Xiaomi is a company known mainly for its original products, which you just don't see often. Something similar is, for example, the third generation of a portable, automatic washing machine, Xiaomi Moyu. In the Czech stock for a coupon price Let's face it, Xiaomi Moyu XPB08-F1S is truly extraordinary…

Xiaomi has a new, bloated and intelligent washing machine with dryer. It will impress with its design and price

We only recently learned that Xiaomi has introduced a new, state-of-the-art washer and dryer in one in its home China. It also offers an ultra quiet engine. Such is the Xiaomi washer and dryer, whose full name is Mijia Internet Direct Drive Washing…




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