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Valid action: Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Pro has an OLED display, a beautiful black design and a record price of € 27 in EU stock

One of the most beautiful devices in Xiaomi's portfolio of home products is a top smart kettle. It is manufactured by the subsidiary Viomi, which specializes in kitchen appliances. Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Pro surprises not only with the equipment, but also with a beautiful design in matte black…

New price in CZ stock: Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle is a 1,5 liter smart kettle with an application

The smart home from the workshop of the well-known Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi offers a really wide range of different products. Among the less traditional is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kette, which is an intelligent kettle. It comes with a capacity of 1,5 liters and an output of up to 1800 W. Currently you can ju




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