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Xiaomi Aqara N100 is a great smart door lock. It has NFC, fingerprint sensor, application and a great price in CZ stock

We have already seen the intelligent house door lock in Xiaomi's presentation. Now another model is coming and Xiaomi, in collaboration with its subsidiary Aqara, introduces the Aqara N100 security intelligent door lock. It features up to seven ways to unlock, includes NFC, Bluetooth 5.0,…

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Youth has a fingerprint, application and a record price in CZ stock

Xiaomi offers a number of smart home products in its portfolio. One of them is the intelligent Xiaomi lock Mijia Smart Door Lock Youth, which was created just under the banner of the subsidiary Mijia. Now we also offer you for this product…

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is the most sophisticated smart lock manufacturer. It has two cameras, NFC and a fingerprint sensor

Xiaomi has introduced another appetizer in the field of smart devices. The new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro combines up to 7 different unlocking methods. It is the most advanced lock of the manufacturer so far. For example, it does not lack NFC or a fingerprint reader.

Xiaomi introduces the new Smart Door Lock E. It is even more secure and supports Apple HomeKit

Xiaomi offers a wide portfolio of products that can enrich your smart home. This time it comes with a new gadget, a smart lock called Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E. In the new generation of this product, we can look forward to several new features. New…

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock is an inflated door lock with a fingerprint sensor and NFC. We have a coupon

Xiaomi offers through its partner subsidiary Mijia various technological solutions for the home. The portfolio of various products also includes a handy, intelligent lock with NFC and a fingerprint sensor. Now you can buy it for a lower price with a discount coupon. Also the Xiaomi Smart Lock discount coupon Mijia...

New Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock has a fingerprint sensor, NFC and an interesting price

During the Xiaomi conference, which took place today, June 11, in Beijing, various products from the brand's portfolio of smart home products were presented. Mijia. In addition to 4 new washers and dryers, we also witness an intelligent door lock. Xiaomi Mijia The "push-pull" smart door lock comes with very interesting features.




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