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The new Amazfit Smart Scale has 16 metrics, W-Fi or heart rate measurement

Sometime in mid-August, the first information about the Amazfit smart scale appeared on the Internet. More specifically, they were detected thanks to Bluetooth SIG certification. Now that the official performance has taken place, we can finally talk about its true specifications. Amazfit Smart Scale…

It is very cheap in the EU warehouse: Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight 2 with Bluetooth 5.0, application and LED display

Would you think that a household gadget like weight can be smart? This is no problem for Xiaomi and they already have the second generation of smart scales. You can measure your weight, view statistics or even improve your health. '

Xiaomi Gadgets in UK Stock: Smart Weight Half Cheaper than China and Toothbrush with Speaker

Xiaomi is involved in a wide range of products and has long taken care of the health of its customers with various smart devices. Among them we can find, for example, smart scales or electric toothbrushes, which, thanks to intelligent functions, help the user to meet various goals. YOU MUST…




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