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Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 ″ with Netflix and Chromecast support in German stock for a great € 169

Xiaomi is also active in the smart TV market. This time we bring you an affordable model of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A smart TV with a 32 ″ screen, now in addition with fast import from a European warehouse and a discount coupon. Netflix version has the best price Most affordable smart TV…

The 70-inch Redmi Smart TV is shown in the first official photo

Redmi, as a subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, is to present its very first smart TV called Redmi TV. This is a novelty that should also be available with a diagonal of 70 inches, while maintaining a reasonable price. K…

Redmi is working on his first smart TV. This is the first information

Xiaomi is no newcomer to the smart TV market. Redmi, on the other hand, has, of course, fewer products in its portfolio after independence, and so far they lack television, but their parent company will certainly be happy to provide them with available technologies so that they can change that. On the Internet…




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