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The luxurious Xiaomi Liven hot air fryer prepares healthier food without oil. In PL warehouse for a great 65 €

Healthy food is currently very popular again. Many people have started to avoid fried foods and are looking for a suitable alternative. This is exactly what the Liven G-5 hot air fryer offers, which prepares delicious, oil-free meals. This is a product from the Xiaomi Youpin portal, which…

New coupon: Xiaomi Youban 4,5L hot air fryer has a beautiful green design. In CZ stock now for only 63 €

Hot air fryers have recently become very popular and sought-after household helpers. They can prepare healthier and tastier food that contains almost no oil. The partner brands of Chinese Xiaomi are also involved in this segment, and in this article

Xiaomi Liven KZ-D5500 hot air fryer has a capacity of up to 5,5 l. After a few months again in the EU warehouse

Foods fried in oil are often the result of obesity and its problems. However, you can also prepare your favorite dishes in a healthier way, specifically in a hot air fryer. Meals prepared in this way do not contain unnecessary oil and are healthier. Xiaomi LIVEN KZ-D5500 is a powerful hot air fryer with a capacity of up to…

Xiaomi Introduces Mi Smart Air Fryer 3,5L: The Brand's First Recipe Hot Air Fryer for Europe

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has officially introduced a novelty in the form of the first hot air fryer called the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer. It offers a capacity of up to 3,5 liters, is designed directly for Europe and you can prepare a really wide range of recipes with it. Xiaomi Mi Smart…

The affordable Xiaomi Qcooker hot air fryer will prepare you for a healthier meal without oil. It costs only € 60 in CZ storage

If you are tired of unhealthy foods fried in oil, we recommend trying something else. Although hot air fryers are not new on the market or in kitchens, they offer healthier food preparation. This is exactly what the Xiaomi Qcooker hot air fryer can do, with which you can…




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