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The 70mai brand produces great gadgets for our cars, but now it is planning its first smart watch

Xiaomi offers cooperation with several partner brands. One of them is the 70mai brand, which is currently preparing its first smart watch. There will even be testing of this product, in which you can also participate. Watches from the brand…

The MediaTek case continues: Known performance tests have banned selected processors from benchmark testing

The case regarding MediaTek continues. Just a few days ago, we brought information about the breach of credibility of MediaTek. The AnandTech portal called the results of the "benchmark" tests to be false and the values ​​were allegedly artificially inflated. 🔥 Want tips on Xiaomi smartphones? Join…

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro increases performance after new update and becomes currently the most powerful Android smartphone

With its flagship Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi once again proves that it is one of the most powerful smartphones in the world. After updating the system, which improved graphics performance, he broke the 600-point mark in a well-known benchmark test. You will definitely know the AnTuTu benchmark,…




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