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Xiaomi smart pillow with heating and music playback receives a special coupon with a great price

Xiaomi's diverse portfolio offers a lot. One of the less traditional products is the Xiaomi PMA smart pillow, which offers very interesting features. Now he got into a special offer from a well-known seller. New coupon Xiaomi smart pillow to your…

The Xiaomi with 8H introduces a new and comfortable car pillow. Introductory discount coupon is missing

Do you travel for a long time and want to find enough comfort even for your stressed cervical spine? The new Xiaomi pillow can be an ideal accessory for frequent and demanding car or bus travel. It offers a suitable material and a comfortable shape in the shape of the letter…

Xiaomi presents a smart massage pillow with stereo speakers, Bluetooth and application

From time to time, Xiaomi will surprise you with a new product that it will offer within the e-commerce platform YouPin. The latest in a series of such products is a handy massage pillow, which in addition to its relaxation functions will also offer stereo speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. Smart pillow?…




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