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This is the cheapest cooker from Xiaomi. It not only cooks rice, it has a volume of 1.2L and a great coupon

The Chinese producer Xiaomi is also famous for his popular and intelligent rice cookers and other dishes. One of them is a compact model manufactured under the partner brand QCOOKER. It will offer a capacity of 1,2 liters and a really low price when using our discount coupon. Cheapest cooker…

Xiaomi Announces 20 New Products: Self-Binding Sneakers, Mi Robot Vacuum 1S or OLED Display Blender

This morning, Xiaomi held a small conference to introduce not only the first Xiaomi Mi Rocket 1, but also 20 new products. Unlike rockets, these are already real and this is not a April Fool's Day joke. Interesting content about Xiaomi can be found…




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