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VIDEO: The flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 can withstand falls from a height of up to 2 meters

A month has passed since the introduction of the expected flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11. Although the biggest advantages of the device were already revealed to us at the performance itself, we will only learn about some of them now. A few hours before the launch, we brought you an article about…

MIUI 12 in one of the first video reviews: "Copied" iOS in an even more beautiful form

A few days ago, we participated in the presentation of a new generation of the popular Android superstructure from Xiaomi - MIUI 12 using an online broadcast. The whole system was dug from the ground up and brings a lot of improvements on every page. From 27.4. 2020 was launched closed…

Mi 9 is shooting the best video of all smartphones. According to the DxOmark test

Mobile cameras have moved incredibly in recent years and have completely pushed compact cameras out of the market. Huge progress in photography is attributed to Google, Huwaei, Samsung, but also Chinese Xiaomi. It just opened a new camera development division just last year and paid off…




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