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New coupon in CZ stock: Xiaomi Whale Spout smart toilet board has a built-in deodorant and water jet

Xiaomi is known not only for its smartphones, but also for its slightly bizarre products such as a smart toilet seat. Specifically, the Xiaomi Whale Spout smart toilet board brings an even better toilet seating experience. Availability in CZ warehouse International dealer Banggood has…

Xiaomi Youpin comes with a new intelligent toilet with voice control and heating

Chinese giant Xiaomi has many bizarre products in its portfolio. We are often surprised by interesting news that we would not expect. This time we present you with an interesting piece of household. Xiaomi Dabai toilet is a smart toilet with voice control. Xiaomi Dabai do Automatic Board Lifting

A real bizarreness from Xiaomi: a toilet brush, which does not lack a discount coupon

We are used to the bizarre products that Xiaomi presents with its partners. As true Xiaomi fans, we should know every product of this brand. Including a new toilet brush, which is perfect not only as an accessory for…




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