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The new application expands the possibilities for Xiaomi AirDots and AirDots Pro headphones

This year, the Chinese Xiaomi came to the market with three fully wireless headphones, also known as TWS - True Wireless Earphones. Xiaomi AirDots and AirDots Pro were later joined by cheaper Redmi AirDots, which are incredibly popular. The application extends…

Tomorrow's show is not just about Xiaomi Mi 9T. The global version of Mi Band 4 is also coming

Today has been quite hectic in Beijing, China. Xiaomi has introduced a number of new products, including a gel pen, Mi Bandu 4, new Amazfit Watch 2 (Nexo), 4 new Mijia washing machine and smart door lock. Tomorrow, 12.6. we have another hearty day ahead of us. Xiaomi…




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