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The iconic Xiaomi backpack with a volume of 10L and 20L is available in several colors

From smartphones, to laptops, vacuum cleaners, smart toilet plates or bamboo toilet paper. Yes, we can find all this in the portfolio of Chinese Xiaomi. Even backpacks, which the company offers several. However, this very affordable Xiaomi backpack with… has become particularly successful.

New coupon in the EU warehouse: This high-quality waterproof Xiaomi backpack has a volume of up to 21 liters and a laptop compartment

In addition to smartphones, laptops and smartwatches, the Chinese giant Xiaomi also has practical lifestyle gadgets in its portfolio. This Xiaomi backpack definitely belongs among the interesting gadgets and gadgets that make our everyday life more pleasant. Coupon price in EU warehouse Waterproof Xiaomi…

This waterproof stylish Xiaomi backpack has a volume of 23 L and is also suitable for a 15 ″ laptop. You buy it for a great price

Xiaomi currently offers one of the other handy backpacks suitable for work, school or just for trips via the Banggood online store. If you are a student, you definitely know that today's laptops are not light and if you definitely need it for school…

Xiaomi 90Fun school backpack is waterproof, also suitable for 13,3 ″ laptop and has an excellent price

Xiaomi brings another stylish backpack to its offer, this time ideal for all schoolchildren. It is made in cooperation with the partner brand 90Fun, it will also take away a 13,3 ″ laptop and there is also increased water resistance, which will definitely be found in the coming cold and rainy period.