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The new Xiaomi Deerma dehumidifier draws 20L of moisture in 24 hours. It is in CZ stock for a great price

If you have higher humidity in your home than normal, the dehumidifier will definitely fit. It will also rid you of unwanted fungi and bacteria. Deerma already has experience in the production of such devices. The new Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DT35C dehumidifier has an output of 380 W and…

Xiaomi has perhaps the most beautiful humidifier. It has a capacity of 4L and a low price thanks to the coupon

Xiaomi, in collaboration with Deerma, has launched the Deerma DEM-F450 mini humidifier. Innovative design, compact dimensions and high performance make it an attractive device. Special discount for Slovaks and Czechs Well-known seller Banggood has Xiaomi Deerma humidifier now on offer for…

Another gem from Xiaomi: After the smoothie maker comes a juicer with a low price

Not long ago, we showed a very nice humidifier from Deerma. And we will continue to introduce handy products from this brand. Deerma has launched the top mini portable juicer Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NU01, which has a great design and great features. Adds…




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