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Xiaomi will not present the expected Mi MIX or other products today. What has happened?

A huge conference called Xiaomi Mega Launch ended a moment ago. So far, three smartphones have been introduced, including the Mi 11 Pro, Ultra and Lite, a new Mi Band 6 bracelet, a new AX9000 Router, new chargers and smartphone covers. Perhaps the most anticipated…

Where and when to watch today's Xiaomi Mega Launch? These are the products to be introduced

Chinese Xiaomi has prepared a literally huge conference for today, at which they will present several products. It is said that the performance will last even a few hours and we can expect more than 10 news. We already know some of them and also…

Xiaomi Mega Launch: The manufacturer has prepared a huge global conference on March 29, where it will present significant news

Many expected the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite to be unveiled during the global launch of the Mi 11 flagship model. This did not happen, but Xiaomi is preparing another conference with the introduction of new products soon. Xiaomi Mega Launch is supposed to bring significant news. So let's see…




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