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Xiaomi will return the 1999 jaunts (€ 260) to all buyers of their first Xiaomi Mi 1 model in the form of a coupon

It has been 10 years since Xiaomi, as a newcomer to the market, introduced its first smartphone called the Xiaomi Mi 1. Now, after a decade, it wants to repay the early customers who bought this smartphone in the form of a coupon. Xiaomi Mi 1…

From the history of Xiaomi: The Xiaomi Mi 1 in 2011 showed what an available flagship should look like

Xiaomi does not have a long history, but in less than 10 years it has gone through several significant events, which we described in the story of the brand. As a smartphone manufacturer, it brings a series of flagships called the Xiaomi Mi. Xiaomi will celebrate its tenth birthday this year and…




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