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Xiaomi is said to be working to restore one of their best smartphones in history

At the end of June this year, Xiaomi revived the mid-size Redmi Note 8 model, which received a different processor, but everything else remained virtually unchanged. It is rumored that such a resurrection should be experienced by the flagship a few years ago, namely…

On the legendary Xiaomi Mi 6 managed to run a full-featured Windows 10 OS

Every smartphone enthusiast always tries to overcome its limits and explores its limits. Many of them try to flash various ROMs and run a system that is not designed for it. It was later, but still managed to tejto

Xiaomi has to restore the legend: Xiaomi Mi 6 Classic Edition will be a very compact smartphone

Current smartphones, resp. their displays are growing and getting bigger and bigger. Many people approve of this progress, but there are also those who appreciate more compact devices with a display size of less than 6 inches. 🔥 Want tips and tricks for Xiaomi smartphones?…




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