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Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro with 8 GB RAM gets the lowest price ever. The classic version of the Mi 8 ceases to pay off

Two well-known international retailers are currently waging a war over who will offer the lowest possible prices for Xiaomi smartphones. In this battle, however, the verified dealer Gearbest, who has now reduced the price of the transparent Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, clearly wins. YOU NEED TO KNOW 11 BENEFITS OF BUYING GOODS FROM…

New Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro brings a new color to the fingerprint reader. It will also come to our market

The new versions of the Mi 8 Pro (Fingerprint Screen Edition) are the first smartphones to feature a fingerprint sensor in the display that is also sensitive to pressure. Xiaomi has also added a pressure sensor to the display, delivering up to 29% speed improvement and 8,8%…




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