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Tomorrow's show is not just about Xiaomi Mi 9T. The global version of Mi Band 4 is also coming

Today has been quite hectic in Beijing, China. Xiaomi has introduced a number of new products, including a gel pen, Mi Bandu 4, new Amazfit Watch 2 (Nexo), 4 new Mijia washing machine and smart door lock. Tomorrow, 12.6. we have another hearty day ahead of us. Xiaomi…

HOT NEWS: Mijia Electric Scooter Pro is a new scooter from Xiaomi. It has a display, a range of 45 km and still a fantastic price!

Big Saturday surprise from Xiaomi! The technology giant without any chochmes has started selling a completely new version of its scooter - Mijia Electric Scooter Pro. A multifunction display has been added Xiaomi is the design site Mijia Electric Scooter Pro very similar to its predecessor. However, a new one has been added…




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