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We tested the Xiaomi 20 W wireless car charger with automatic opening. We also have the lowest price

Xiaomi has several car chargers in its portfolio, but this particular one stands out. This is the fastest wireless car charger you can find on the market. Its arms also open / close automatically when the smartphone is attached,…

Xiaomi brings a new model of automatically opening wireless car charger. It has a power of up to 50 W

Today's news will please especially all passionate motorists. The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has introduced a new auto-opening wireless car charger. It offers a maximum power of up to 50 W and is affordable, but so far only within crowdfunding. New wireless car charger…

The powerful 37 W Xiaomi car charger with two USB ports has a coupon in EU stock

Although the capacity of batteries in mobile devices is slowly increasing, there are never enough quality accessories for charging. Xiaomi now brings a quick car charger with two USB ports. EU stock coupon Well-known global retailer Geekbuying has issued a 37 W car charger for Xiaomi…




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