UWANT B100 is a new powerful beater from the Xiaomi ecosystem
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Still for the lowest €149 in EU stock: UWANT B100 is a powerful pacemaker from the Xiaomi ecosystem. It has great cleaning abilities

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  1. Tomas writes:

    Good heartbeat, it works as it should, but one madrac and has enough. It turns off and you have to wait at least 10 minutes for it to cool down. Then he goes again for a while. It's quite annoying when you already have a soaked surface, you're beating and suddenly STOP. In my opinion, it is poorly designed because it has air intake from below and the vents come from below. As a result, it pulls the warm air back.

  2. Matthew writes:

    Tepovac is great, the whole seat and 6 chairs are fine and it won't turn off for me, I use Karcher as a solution for tepping, everything is beautifully cleaned,

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