We are testing Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H, a household air purifier

We are testing Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H, a household air purifier. Ask what interests you

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How often do you need to replace the filter and ask for filter information. Does it have air quality sensors?


I had the 2H version at home for a while, bought at TPD, and I went to return it two days later. Even though I was right next to the 4th speed road, the display kept showing a value of 1 to 2, which is completely clean air. Please try "waving" the sensor with a dust cloth to see if the values ​​on the display will change as they should have with my piece...so in my opinion it didn't work and I was going to return it.


Are you still testing? When will the test itself be published?


The review will be on the web soon. 🙂


I have a 3H model. I will say it objectively, if it catches any smoke, for example from cooking, then it will stir up on its own. But she doesn't notice the dust at all, even if I dusted the old paplons next to her. And I doubt he'll catch any, I can't see with the naked eye that he would absorb the dust in any way.
Stink doesn't eliminate it either, and I bought a purple filter to do just that.
Be sure to take it as a replacement for the hood, otherwise I do not see the use.

It also irritates me a little that I bought it a few months ago for much more than this discount is now.