Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector Mini: FullHD, 200 "image and 3D support

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After 8 months again with a coupon for a significantly lower price: Xiaomi Mi Smart Projektor Mini in the European version with Netflix support

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Darko Kmet

500ansi lumens can keep it for the money ??? my Optoma has 2500ansi and it seems to me is no longer enough if I want to watch it during the day….


Good day,
I want to ask what is the difference between the Chinese and the global version. Do I support both 3D versions ?. Which version has the entire white driver. The thing is, I had this projector from O2, but I don't know which version it was. The handle was white but the top was black. This projector from O2 did not support 3D.


@Darko the peasant
Projectors indicate luminosity in lumens, also called peak / marketing / chinese lumens. However, the original standard is ANSI lumens. I know from practice that 100 ANSI lumens ~ 1000-2000 marketing lumens. So, in my opinion, these 500 are quite and definitely in the given price category probably the best


Hi, I ordered the projector based on this article. Although the projector appeared to be in stock, the seller did not ship it. They claim to have misled him and advertised it. Nevertheless, I have to wait that it will be in stock again within a week. Did the same happen to anyone?


Salve ho purchased gli occhiali 3d come da descrizione ma occore una procedura particolare per a copiarlo con il proiettore perché non riesco a vedere in 3d, accendendoli o lassingeli spenti il ​​risultato è identico sembrano non connectetresi con il proiettore grazie se potete darmi qualche indicazione


Hi, technically a question, after the last update, the volume increased, or even on the minimal sound it goes very loud, has anyone solved it yet? thick

Miloš Mázor

Hello, is the adapter 12V? Thank you


Hello everyone.
Today I received the beautiful projector.
I can only recommend. I was skeptical, I don't like to choose "cheap things", but this projector exceeded my expectations.
The luminosity is sufficient, the sound is beautiful, I wonder where such a quality sound can come from such a small body.
The fan will hear when you have your head within 50 cm of the projector and it happens to be a silent scene. otherwise I won't hear him. You can't hear it at that sound. The price / performance, even with a coupon in the article, is unrivaled, delivery was quite fast, ordered on Wednesday and Monday the DPD courier was already ringing with a box.
Love at first sight, hard lockdown can finally begin….


We ordered Tuesday, and 4.3.2021 Thursday we had it at home, it was ordered from Spain.
So far, great satisfaction 🙂


Please, what power consumption [W] does this projector have? I'm thinking of buying something similar at a cottage where I have electricity solved only through a car battery with a voltage converter and I would like to calculate whether it will take me an evening to watch a movie. well thank you


Hi, can anyone confirm that this supports SkyLink LIVE TV?


Yes, it supports. There is an official Android TV and the app on Android TV has Skylink live tv, watch.tv, better.tv, ANTIK.tv etc.

Martin Vierg

Hello, I ordered this projector from your site. I paid for it in advance and I received an empty box today! The packaging was not damaged, so the projector could not even be packaged! I therefore ask you to resolve the situation.


Any real experiences, photos, recommendations? … What is the picture, during the day, resp. is luminosity at night enough? If the image is at max size, isn't it too blurry? We borrowed an LED projector, probably some up to 100 € category (I assume), because the picture was really lousy.



Personally, I use a cheaper variant of this projector from Fengmi and for that price it's a really big parade, who is considering, will definitely not ban…


I've had it for a long time (over half a year) and I can't praise it. Everything works as it should, during that time there were already about 2 updates, overnight also on wood (doors from rolldoor), cracked plaster on the house, during the day I use it with some cheap 130-inch plate from aliexpress for 20 € with (technology?) reflecting light and it's parade 🙂 I recommend. ANSI lumens are slightly different from the classic lumens, I recommend to google the table for recalculation (also ice) and then compare it with other receivers.


In the review, you first write that it doesn't support 3D and the paragraph below that it supports it, as it is?
Too bad it has no horizontal correction, only vertical: /


Hi, I just want to point out the problems I have after ordering. In the first half of November, I ordered it from a Spanish warehouse with promised weekly transport. After more than 2 weeks, I received information from the support that the expected time when the order will be sent is 23.12. In the meantime, the product appeared in the Czech warehouse. so I asked to be sent from a Czech warehouse. Despite the fact that the price in the Czech warehouse was lower than the one I originally bought it for, I was not allowed to do so. However, I was assured that if I cancel the order and create a new one from the CZ warehouse, the projector is in stock and will be sent as indicated on the page (ie 5.12.). To date (11.12), however, I did not receive any money from the complaint and the projector was not sent from the Czech warehouse due to unknown logistical problems. Communication from Banggood is relatively catastrophic, obscuring and promising deadlines and sending information, but they do not meet or implement the deadlines at all. So far, a big disappointment.